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Trappist is a very popular political consultant in India. Company’s election management services, help, and plans to manage political campaigns based on extensive voter level research and analysis. Our election management solution manages campaigns and elections by defining the target, analyzing competition, political campaign, digital media, and technology-based election management system, which help getting maximum voters in your favor.



When planning all about the Indian Election procedures, the company digital election management team has to keep in mind and do the selection for the Best Election Management Agency who also proves to be the best in achieving desired results.


Trappist Infotech is the election management Agency does just the same thing; we don’t want your plans, all that positive efforts to go in vain.

Being the political election management Agency in India we provide services in the new context as well as with the latest technology, tools, trends, with a unique combination of a professional touch.

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हमारा प्रयास ,आपकी सफलता

Connect With Potential Voters, Grow Your Political Presence

profile creation

Profile Creation & Management

The power of social media is well-known throughout the world, we create your profiles on various platform. We have a knowledge and experience on which platform you need the most to connect with your voters. We have a expert team who gather together to make a strategic plan that boosts your online presence and reach most of your voters, who are online on a regular basis. We appoint a political campaign manager to manage social accounts and add high-quality and convertible content which increases the trust b/w voters and you.

personal website development

Personal Website Development

A personal website is crucial for the digital election management campaign, where it was part of BJP marketing strategy as well. We have a dedicated team that has developed a lot of websites in the past for our clients; we are experts when it comes to developing a website that has a higher percentage of conversions. We add information that your potential voters are seeking for in your personal website, which has proven to be one of the effective campaign strategies. Company’s content writers describe your ideas for the people.

sms, voice call & email marketing

SMS, Voice Call, Email Marketing

A strategic digital marketing plan for an Indian political party is necessary when it comes to email marketing because of the number of users who click on the emails is very less due to several aspects. We put our expertise in email marketing, which helps in engaging with the potential voters. An SMS is an effective marketing campaign strategies that connect thousands of people in one SMS. Our expert team works on putting the best content into the SMS that attracts the receivers. Thus your message will be delivered.

data collection management

Data Collection Management Services

We bring our experts into the field so they can collect the data for the digital campaign strategies for local elections. In political marketing data collection is very important, which helps the candidates to reach their voters via various platforms, we understand this very well. Thus we collect information of your potential voters. We analyze the information properly, then add the collected information for effective political campaign strategies.

promotional audio/video songs

Promotional Audio/Video Song

The audience is crying out this time for videos and audios. People rather prefer to listen to audio or watch a video than reading an endless campaign dialogue. We live in the generation where your potential voters are expecting to engage in a conversation. Our theory is proven by the Google, who revealed that they Youtube searches are much more than Google itself. The world wants to see color and motion, not black and white.

Street Plays

Street Plays, News Portal Management

In the age of the social media and Internet street plays seem old school, but in BJP marketing strategy, the party has conducted more than street plays in 14 districts, why? Only 420 million people in India have access to the Internet, while many urban cities have upper hand in Internet usage, where rural areas don’t seem to have much Internet access. As we already have the upper hand in digital marketing, street plays are effective.

WhatsApp, Telegram Marketing

WhatsApp, Telegram Marketing

WhatsApp is a popular platform, then how can we use it in our effective political campaign strategies? Those who don’t know WhatsApp currently has 1.5 billion active users, where the India is on the top in list. People have become an overnight sensation because of WhatsApp in this country, so why not add it to digital election campaign ideas? In our election digital campaign management strategies.

Social media campaign

Social media campaign

The young generation in India is highly active on social media these days, to pursue the voters you need various political campaign strategies that attract them, we have experience in this area, so we can put the best efforts, which is why we are one of the best digital political campaign management Agency in India. We have already completed successful social media campaigns, where we have used the social media technique to full-scale.

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I appreciate your great effort and creative approach to understanding my requirements so well and developing my new website.

Mreetunjay Sharma

Mreetunjay SharmaFounder of

I would use them again n again for my upcoming web project and digital marketing services. They were great about making changes. Overall awesome job.

Yogesh nagwan

Yogesh nagwanFounder of

They have created a very dynamic space for us the career consultants to deal with the students in the most dynamic way.

Nadeem Reyaz

Nadeem ReyazFounder of Think Education

Trappist Infotech connects both students and colleges in the most standard and unique way. The gear up the data and digital marketing skills whichever is required at that moment.

Sachin Arora

Sachin AroraFounder of Future Study Counsellors



The company identifies new impressive talent and self-starters with the great skill sets to produce a truly amazing result.


Door to door voter survey to collect actual contact details and factful data of voters every family unit is acquired.


Voice calls are pre-recorded messages which will reach to a maximum number of your potential voters.


We can reach to maximum voters with SMS service through impactful messages and your point of views.


We Design and Develop SEO friendly attractive Websites which will help to boost your Online Presence.


Our Social Media campaign can contribute towards the success of your social media campaign.


Documentary film can hit the right chord and delivers the perfect message to your desired voters.
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